Just Say the Word

What you will find in this book

  • Honesty

    Experiencing a season of tension in his own marriage, Sam came to grips with the reality that he was dropping the ball in spiritual leadership at home. As Sam and his wife Vicki talked through this rough patch, something emerged from Vicki’s unsettled heart. She said, “Part of what is going on here for me is that you have failed me.”  This difficult realization brought repentance and God’s providential revelation at the appointed time.  The seeds were sown for Just Say The Word.

  • Easy Read

    Sam often says he wrote a thin, short book so men will be convinced they can actually read it! Just Say The Word cuts through all the rhetoric about prayer and presents a primer on why and how man can pray with their wives. It can be easily read in a couple evenings or on a plane flight.  The style is conversational and personal. Sam’s testimony and insights will help lift the burden you bear regarding your struggle with spiritual leadership in marriage.

  • Tracks

    Most men believe their wife is ahead of them with a heart for God and in their pursuit of Him.

    When push comes to shove, we would say our wives “are more spiritual than I am.” So we wonder, “What am I supposed to do to lead her spiritually?”  Men need tracks to run on!  Just Say The Word provides viable and logical tracks to follow!! Fulfilling and meaningful spiritual intimacy with your wife could be closer than you might imagine.

  • In Just Say the Word, Sam Ingrassia cuts through all the rhetoric about prayer and presents a primer on why and how men should pray with their wives. This short book provides a road map for repairing marriages, strengthening relationships, and deepening intimacy between spouses, all through the simple act of praying together. It’s easy to say, but it’s hard to do it! Thankfully and refreshingly, Sam shows us how to get it done!

    - Norm Miller

    Chairman, Interstate Batteries

  • Have you found it difficult—maybe impossible—to lead your home spiritually? For any man who answers “yes” to this question, Sam Ingrassia has great news! In a short read, Just Say the Word describes a simple practice you can start today, one that will transform your marriage and your life. Get it!

    - Nate Larkin

    Author of Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood

  • Thanks so much for being vulnerable and transparent in your teaching. It helped me get going. As I said to you, I’ve known this for a while, but needed to be kicked in the butt to DO IT! It helped to see someone I’ve long respected to admit their shortcoming, also, so I could do the same. (Ego is a silly, stupid thing, isn’t it?!!)

    - Keith

    from New Jersey

  • By the way – my husband ordered your book and read it last month. He really enjoyed it and has been passing it along to other men in our church. We have been enjoying working our way through Philippians without stressing about ‘doing a study.’ Thanks for writing it!

    - Tabitha
  • Thank you for your openness, honesty and obedience in writing “Just Say the Word” straight forward, and simple to apply. It has been a game changer! Thank you!!

    - Anonymous
Hope is exactly what Just Say The Word offers!

A quick read that is simple to follow and will have a multiplied impact on your marriage and family.