• In Just Say the Word, Sam Ingrassia cuts through all the rhetoric about prayer and presents a primer on why and how men should pray with their wives. This short book provides a road map for repairing marriages, strengthening relationships, and deepening intimacy between spouses, all through the simple act of praying together. It’s easy to say, but it’s hard to do it! Thankfully and refreshingly, Sam shows us how to get it done!

    - Norm Miller
    Chairman, Interstate Batteries
  • Have you found it difficult—maybe impossible—to lead your home spiritually? For any man who answers “yes” to this question, Sam Ingrassia has great news! In a short read, Just Say the Word describes a simple practice you can start today, one that will transform your marriage and your life. Get it!

    - Nate Larkin
    Author of Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood
  • Sam Ingrassia is on to something. For years I struggled when it came to praying with my wife. Why? Because she is light years ahead of me when it comes to getting in touch with God. And I’m a pastor! It seems that we men need help, and we need a plan. Well, here it is. Just Say the Word is a biblical and simple way for a husband and wife to pray together. Praying through the Scriptures, or “expository praying,” as Sam calls it, works. If you have tried and failed to keep a consistent prayer life with the love of your life, then this book is for you! My wife JoAnn and I hit our knees first thing in the morning and pray through the Bible together. We’re in the book of Hebrews right now, and our prayer time has never been better as a couple. Thank you, Sam! God’s hand is on this book. Pastors, this book will help marriages in your church. Challenge your men to read Just Say the Word.

    - Tom Doyle
    Author of Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?
  • Of course, I should pray with my wife. I know that! What I don’t know is how to do it. This is the real problem. Don’t just tell me what to do. Help me find a way to do it. Sam Ingrassia does just that in his deeply personal and disarmingly transparent book. The problem is universal, and the solution is for every man who wants to be the spiritual leader in his home. Man, when you pray with her you plumb the depths of God’s promises covering that ancient and most precious of relationships. One flesh, He said, and meant it. Your marriage is in for a shot in the arm.

    - Jim and Kaye Johns
    Founders of PrayerPower Ministries and Authors of Higher Ground, Deeper Truth and Prayers for the Moment
  • My couples community group met last night and I felt led by the SPIRIT to share your challenge with the 4 men in our group. They were grateful for the challenge and openly confessed their lack of spiritual leadership in their relationships with their wives. I’ve asked them to pray about taking the “challenge” and let me know if they willing to be held accountable to the commitment. Based on their reactions and response, I’m sure we will soon have 4 more men more intentionally seeking to be one with their wives in giving their marriages to GOD. Thanks again for your transparency and leadership and may GOD continue to bless you and guide you!

    - Bill
    from Greenville, South Carolina
  • You know you have hit an area of major need and I find your simple approach and theme is surprisingly profound.  I have discussed the idea with Karen and she says there is not a serious void in our relationship with each other and our time with God.  I was glad to hear that, but suspect that we can certainly do better, and I intend to use God’s Word in a more definite manner in our prayers together.  Having challenges with our children keeps us reliant on God and supporting each other.

    - Jeff
    from North Carolina
  • Thanks so much for being vulnerable and transparent in your teaching. It helped me get going. As I said to you, I’ve known this for a while, but needed to be kicked in the butt to DO IT! It helped to see someone I’ve long respected to admit their shortcoming, also, so I could do the same. (Ego is a silly, stupid thing, isn’t it?!!)

    - Keith
    from New Jersey
  • By the way – my husband ordered your book and read it last month. He really enjoyed it and has been passing it along to other men in our church. We have been enjoying working our way through Philippians without stressing about ‘doing a study.’ Thanks for writing it!

    - Tabitha
  • My wife and I have been reading God’s word each night and praying that truth over one another. It has been a blessing. Thank you.

    - Carter
    from Frisco, Texas
  • Thank you for your openness, honesty and obedience in writing “Just Say the Word” straight forward, and simple to apply. It has been a game changer! Thank you!!

    - Anonymous
  • I ordered a lot of your books and have passed them on to all of the guys around me. I shared your story with our couple’s small group last week (put everyone on the spot with our wives in the room)

    - Robert
    from Houston, Texas
  • Your book was given to me during a men’s bible study I was attending this past Wednesday night. I’ve always struggled on how to lead my wife and family. I’m going to talk to my wife tonight about this and hopefully our prayer life will be one that honors the Lord by using HIS word as our example. Please pray for us.

    - Kelly
  • You will be so happy to know that Khris bought your book—Just Say The Word and we are reading it now. He gave it to me when we got engaged and we read a chapter a week and discuss it on Thursday nights!  Thank you for your transparency and it really is a life-changing book.  We will be putting much of what you shared into practice!

    - Gina
    from Houston, Texas
  • I first heard about the book JSTW through an email and thought that this might be appropriate for where I am currently in my spiritual walk. Upon reading this book I was able to identify with some of the same issues that were described by the author and at one point, I was overwhelmed with the sense that this is what I need to be doing with my wife. Since then, my wife & I have been simply praying the Word and it has been good. There seems to be a the power of ‘two or more gathered together’ in our praying and it certainly has brought us closer together along with reinforcing my role as pastor of my family. I would recommend JSTW to anyone, especially anyone going through a time of spiritual drought.

    - Greg
    from St. Louis, Missouri
  • Hey Sam, the book rocks! God bless you for sharing that with us last year in Colombia. It Works!! How do I order more copies? I want to give some away.

    - Dennis
    from Atlanta, Georgia
  • I devoured the Book! What a great tool God has given to you! It pierced my heart and now is the motive of my main messages, I have been telling my friends about it. I hope to have more time now to put in practice in my church. I am personally committed to it and the process. Thanks again.

    - Omar
    from Venezuela
  • I finished the book yesterday! We have read and prayed 6 out of the past 7 days, and my wife is more willing every day, and that really encourages me. I know there are rough days ahead, but God will pull us to the other side.  So as we are driving along my wife takes my hand and tells me how proud she is of me for taking the spiritual leadership role in our family! I did not expect that to ever happen! I have to say God surprised me with His greatness again. I know that I have only to praise and thank Him! Look out brother, if God can do this in my life there is no limit!

    - Richard
    from St. Louis, Missouri
  • My Husband Doug and I just got your book recently and Doug has shared it with the elders at our church and plans to share about it and gift some copies at the men’s retreat this weekend!  We are enjoying the process…and of course fighting against the distractions but pressing in.  Thank you for sharing and for being sensitive to what God is speaking into your life as well.

    - Lauralyn
    From California
  • As a pastor, I’ve been convicted that I don’t pray enough with my wife. But this book showed me an easy, non-threatening way for me to lead my wife spiritually, that she really appreciates, and that I actually do. I’ve started sharing it with different men I meet with. It’s a great resource. Most of us husbands have the same problem, we’re not good at intentionally leading our wives spiritually. And most of our wives have the same desire, that we would step up and lead more at home. This book is so simple and so practical, it’s helping me be a better husband and its given me a great tool to minister to others. Every husband should read it and every husband can do it!

    - Pastor Adam